We assist our clients in pre-transaction ESG diligence, focusing on ethics, sanctions and anti-corruption, human rights, environmental and other key regulatory issues. We go below the surface utilizing our deep knowledge of specific markets in order to assist clients in avoiding reputational and liability risks. 

Beyond transactions, we utilize our skills to assist in ESG issues related to market entry, market exit and demobilization, local community social conflicts and issues, and regulatory and legal risks.

Performance Improvement

In times of disruption and volatility, it is more important than ever for our Clients to have strategic vision as well as tactical solutions that enhance performance, build long-term value and foster a culture of excellence. We provide independent enterprise-wide business transformation consulting services. We help identify and implement strategies that unlock profitability by focusing holistically on the entity and providing industry specific insight. 

Our Healthcare Performance Improvement team is uniquely differentiated by our experienced consultants, who have extensive backgrounds in digital transformation, clinical operations, public sector implementation, and biopharma. They focus on helping clients implement sustainable performance improvements, enter new markets, improve regulatory affairs and implement data science initiatives.