Forensic Technology

Our professionals have decades of combined experience in digital forensics, eDiscovery, data analytics, enterprise information management, and cyber security.

Risks such as globalized information sharing with business partners and other third parties, increased intrusion activities from foreign state actors and organized cyber criminals, rogue employees with access to critical intellectual property, and data portability and connectivity all present unique challenges in our technology-reliant economy. Balancing the desire to secure sensitive corporate and personal information with the need to preserve, access, and share it for commercial, legal, or regulatory purposes can raise tensions, exposing an organization to unexpected liabilities and even threatening its existence. 

Litigation and Disputes

Law firms, corporations, financial services firms, government entities and multilateral organizations need to be prepared to handle litigation and disputes of all kinds. We provide objective and critical advice in matters ranging from discovery and investigation to expert witness and damages. Our Experts have proven track records in dispute resolution.